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A 6% Swing In Votes Is Magic In Any Election! Automatic With Our Genius Voice Broadcast Featuring The Compelling Voice Of Magic Mary A Fortune 500 $5,000 Voice

Note that there are come from behind voice clips to play at the top of the site as well as at the bottom portion of the site. Play them all then call!


Well, Not Always Mandatory

If you are polling 65/35 or greater you can probably coast into a victory in your election. You can ignore the time honored advice of Always Campaign Like You Are 20 Points Behind! If not  calls are a must! A 50/50 race turns into a 53/47 win for you!

We Have Over 1,000 Winners!

Over the past two decades and beginning with our first come from way behind winner, Elaine Brown, we have 1,000 winners. The impact of genius voice broadcast calls such as ours has given the W to scores of candidates at the last minute!

Why Are Our Calls Special?

The methodology we use of what we call a Triple By-Pass system together with our great voice over testimonial voices like Magic Mary and our 70% net delivery rate ARE the reason for the best in industry winning record over the last two decades..

Don't Other Dialers Do This?

No, other dialers will only make one pass at your list of voter phone numbers. It costs them twice as much to use the genius methodology that we always employ, the amazing result Triple By-Pass Call.

Why Are Our Calls One Minute?

Play the samples here and will  notice that the disclaimers that are now required in all states we write as a separate powerful message that delivers as much punch as the message in the body of the call!

Winners In Every Office!

We have winners with amazing razor slim victories in every level of office from the zany New Orleans Jailer post to US House, US Senate and President and every office in between! That is a 100% fact!

Abby Sanchez Defeats A 16 Year Incumbent With Seven Great Calls!


Now Judge Lou Delgado Defeated A Millionaire Boca PI Attorney!

Lou Delgado had no way as in zero way to win in his election to the 15th Circuit bench. That is no way until we used the magic voice of Magic Mary and wrote/constructed a series of calls for this former University of Florida party boy that was the subject of numerous stinging blogs by Palm Beach County's top acerbic blogger. What is extra funny here is that after Lou's stunning win over a wealthy Boca Raton PI attorney the blogger announced his retirement!

It's Not A Miracle When You Use Us!

Abby 50.89% to 49.11%!


Abby Sanchez won her race by the slimmest margin in Florida in 2016 for a county wide race. She defeated a 16 year incumbent that had no negatives! Abby used MAGIC MARY, our mail design and our genius 8'x 4'Mega Sign design! 

Judge Terry Ketchel


Terry Ketchel was outspent $550,000 to $110,000 but defeated Dixie Dan Powell (talk about Name ID!) for Florida Circuit Court. A tool that I invented/developed for this win was the Spouse Call. These are commonplace today but a first in 2006.

Susan Starkey Wins By 4 Votes!


Susan Starkey was polling down by 10% with five days to go. She hired me and after a series of four genius calls including a "Angry New Young Voter Call" defeated her lying opponent by 4 votes which turned into 9 after the  recount. 

It's Two Decades Of Experience + AI (Actual Intelligence)!

Michigan Proposal One!


STILL A RECORD FOR A ONE WEEK STATEWIDE TURNAROUND!  Michigan Proposal One reversed its fortunes with 4,000,000 of our highly targeted calls over the last six days of the campaign. With one week to go a Tarrant poll showed our side losing 55/45. Election Day told a different story. This gambling initiative prevailed 58/42!

Joel Greenberg Shocker!


Joel defeated a 28 year incumbent for Tax Collector of Seminole County. Again a last week campaign of five genius and heavy hitting calls Joel went from being down 47/53 to win 53/47! That is what  calls in the voice of MAGIC MARY do, give a candidate a 3% push which results in a 6% change in direction, a shift good enough to win the great majority of elections! 

RIP Kathleen Blanco 08-18-19


My 2003 client and friend former Governor Kathleen Blanco passed away August 18, 2019. Kathleen had a true concern for the citizens of Louisiana and a great sense of humor as well. I am proud that Kathleen with my calls was able to come from behind 48/52 in the last six days to win her election by 52/48. That is still quite a record for a one week turn around statewide!

We Have Not Had A Losing Candidate In Seven Years!

Maria Ruhl 2018 Shocker


Maria Ruhl DEFEATED AN INCUMBENT FLORIDA CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE  with a combination of Magic Mary calls and calls in her own voice. In the final two days we sent a different purpose targeted call to each of the three counties in the Circuit! If you want a testimonial from a candidate who will say IT WAS THE CALLS, her attorney husband will jump at the chance!

Dr Maxine Thornton-Reese


Dr. Maxine Thornton-Reese is a FIVE TIME WINNER for the Dallas City Commission! Winning four regular elections and capped those victories off with a win in a recall election! Those political hacks should have known better than to try to recall a Commissioner using Razor Thin Wins for her mediums!

Banjo Pickin Grant Maloy


Grant Maloy proved us right when we said he is definitely the best candidate for the job of Clerk of The Court. Grant won the Primary election outright against two opponents without the necessity of a runoff. One opponent spent more in the last week than Grant and the other opponent combined spent during the entire election 2016 period!

We Really Shine In Judicial Elections! Winning 23 Out Of 27 Florida Circuit Court Races And Over 100 Judicial Wins Throughout America in Our Two Decades Of Service!

Lou Delgado Shocker


One of the youngest judges ever to sit on the Florida Circuit Court, Lou Delgado defeated a multi-millionaire Boca Raton personal injury attorney that outspent him seven to one! Lou was the victim/subject of vicious personal attacks for two months but won his election 54% to 46%! 

Appellate Judge Vicki Wright


No relation to myself Vicki Wright in a low budget race was outpent $100,000 to $20,000 and won an appellate seat in Chicago's state court system. Genius calls throughout the last two weeks of the election brought down her opponent who relied on the always ignored  direct mail!

Gary Bergosh One Of Three


Gary Bergosh was one of the three candidates who comprised THE PANHANDLE SWEEP! Terry Ketchel (pictured in the first set of winners) and Ross Goodman complete the hat trick in the First Circuit. An added surprise was Gary's brother Jeff who won a School Board seat in Bay County that year.

A Small Sample of Our Congressional Winners!

Frank Lautenberg RIP

The Late Frank Lautenberg served the State of New Jersey honorably from

The late New Jersey US Senator Frank Lautenberg called on us in his re-election when he was being maligned by his opponent as too old to be effective. We did $75,000 in calls in two weeks and the Senator trounced his opponent 59% to 35% (third Primary candidate got 6%). 

David Vitter Shocker!


Retired US Senator David Vitter faced four Democrats in a November jungle election when we were all voting for Bush Vs Kerry.  If Vitter had not won 50% + 1 in this odd Primary he would have certainly lost in the December runoff when the Democrats would have consolidated. Dave .. 51%.

US Rep Dr Paul S Broun


Paul Broun a country MD that actually made house calls in northern Georgia defeated the heavily favored four term State Senator Jim Whitehead by 394 votes out of over 50,000 cast. This was done with 700,000 of our highly targeted calls. The Doc ran for the US Senate, did not use us for calls focusing on TV and lost.

How About Presidents And Governors And State Attorneys?



DID WE DO THIS? In 2000 we had the contract to do the calls in Florida. The plan was for Jeb Bush to record the message that went out the night before the election. Jeb recorded a 75-second boring message. I took it on myself to edit this clip into a dynamic 40 second message. If less than 300 people had been turned off by the Jeb jib jab W would not have had the W! That's a 100% fact!

Cowboy Governor Butch Otter


We did the voice broadcast calls for Idaho Governor Butch Otter.  Governor Otter a native Idahoan won easily with 53% of the vote. Otter had served as President of  Simplot International, a potato, livestock, and feeding company before serving in the legislature and as Lt. Governor for 14 years! In his first win for the top post in the State he faced three opponents.

R. J. Larizza 7th Circuit SA


RJ DEFEATED MULTI-TERM INCUMBENT JOHN TANNER with 400,000 of our targeted calls in 2008. In 2012 he had a strong challenger and used another 400,000 calls for his re-election. RJ now continues protecting the people of the 7th  without any serious opposition!

What We Do Is Magic But Simple - A 6% Swing In Results! Thanks Magic Mary!

Magic Mary Our Best Testimonial Voice Ever Is Never Seen But She Surely Is Heard!


Even  Our Many Female Candidates Have Chosen To Be Lifted Into Office With The Magic Voice Of Magic Mary!

Our Client Whipped Karl Rove's Client!


Rove as a favor to a US House member managed the campaign of his brother that was running for a state rep seat in Florida. Ironically that candidate was/is a political consultant that had used us for three previous campaigns, all of which were successful. Given the glitz of Rove there was little chance for me being picked SO I offered my services to the opponent who won handily. IT IS SMART TO BE AWARE OF THE INEPTITUDE OF LOCAL CONSULTANTS. We are national in scope!

Our Client Whupped James Carville's Client!


In between Bill Clinton's wins and well after Carville was serving as the managing consultant of record and also as secondary consultants to many campaigns. He was the lead guy to one US Senate race where our candidate pulled of a spectacular last week win much as we described above for Kathleen Blanco and David Vitter.  The appeal of a familiar name especially at the local level is understandable. They have branded themselves with repetition and self promotion but not victories.

Banjo Pickin Grant Maloy Wins In The Primary!

One Of His Opponents For Clerk Of The Court Spent More In The Last Week Than Grant And The Other Candidate Spent Combined In The Entire Eight Month Long Campaign Period! Grant Is An Example Of A Candidate Voice Clip.

Maria Ruhl Defeats A Sitting Florida Circuit Court Judge!

Maria Ruhl Used A Combination Of Magic Mary Calls And Several Of Her Own. Email Me To Hear Hers!

Joel Greenberg :Two Scorchers To Defeat 28 Year Incumbent!

Joel Greenberg (Greenberg Dental Clinic Fortune) Did A Series Of No Holds Barred Messages. His opponent a 28 year incumbent scoffed at the idea of doing calls when we met with him at a hobnob in Central Florida. If the opponent had not a case of  YOUR EGO IS NOT  YOUR AMIGO he would have easily won reelection to this position. I will say Joel has done a stellar job with this post! I now longer have to drive 60 miles to Daytona Beach to have my license and tag renewed!

Nancy Maloney Pulls One Out After The Primary!

Nancy Maloney Wins For Florida Circuit Court After Coming In A Distant Second In The Primary! NOTE! This Is A Great Example Of An Absentee Call!

This 22 Year Congressman Did Not Listen And Lost!

Former Eleven Term US Representative John Mica Who I Had Known For Almost Four Decades Went With A Local Consultant In Central Florida. This Is THE Prime Example Of Using A Familiar Name. LISTEN TO THIS GREAT CLIP THAT I PREPARED FOR JOHN AS A FREE SAMPLE, A CLIP HE NEVER USED! The Inability/Reluctance/Bit Of Lassitude That Caused John To Skip The Level Of Critical Thinking That Had Made A Fine Career For Him To That Point Was The Culprit Here!

Mary Evans Wins Florida Circuit Court Seat Handily!

One of Mary Evans Many Messages, A Great Child Safety Voice Broadcast. 

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